Whether you are a recent Dietetic graduate or have years of experience in Canada or any other country, we welcome your interest in joining IEDNC and becoming a valuable part of our community of Educated Dietitians.

When you join, you will gain a professional edge while profiting from the many benefits of IEDNC membership.


Requirements for Membership


To be eligible for Active Membership in the Internationally Educated Dietitians Network of Canada (IEDNC), an individual must
fulfill one or more of the conditions outlined below:

  1. An accredited 4-year or equivalent degree with Food and Nutrition and an accredited dietetic internship or equivalent supervised practical training
  2. Practicing as a Dietitian in their own country 
  3. Acquired an accredited 4-year or equivalent degree with Food and Nutrition
  4. Associated with their own National Dietetic Association


Who is Eligible?

  • International dietitians (Dietitians in other countries)
  • International Dietetic Students
  • Registered Dietitians (RD) in Canada
  • IED: Internationally Educated Dietitians in Canada
  • Dietetic Interns (Food and Nutrition Students) in Canada


Registered Dietitian is a Regulated Profession in Canada. Registration process may take up to 3 years. Internationally Trained Dietitians may choose to work in other related fields can work on their registration. These areas may include Dietary Aide, Cook, Food Service Supervisor or Food Service Manager. IEDNC members will have access to career maps, a guide, which will help them to determine what options are available and suitable for their career path.

Regulation of dietitians ensures the highest standards of competency and accountability based on a framework of safe, ethical and effective practice. Internationally Educated Dietitians require entry level competencies before they enter into the profession and life-long learning is a responsibility of Registered Dietitians to ensure competence in her/his area of practice.

IEDNC member will have access to online education to help enhance skills and increase learning in various aspects of nutrition, management, population and public health.

The main limitation of information found on social media and other online sources of nutritional information is a lack of quality and reliability. IEDNC Members will have access to evidence-based, reliable and nutritional information.

IEDNC members will gain knowledge about foods and equipment’s used in Canada.

IEDNC Members will have access to job and volunteer opportunities related to food service in Canada.

IEDNC Members will have access to online courses to advance their knowledge in the field of nutrition which will better equip members for required dietetic courses here in Canada. These courses will also assist members to learn more about dietetic practice in Canada.


Thank you for your interest in membership with the Internationally Educated Dietitians Network of Canada (IEDNC).

To be eligible for Active Membership, an individual must be a Registered Dietitian in their country of residence (link to membership requirements)

Step 1

Complete the “Registration form”. Ensure that you have attached the required documents as specified as per the registration form.

Follow the payment link to make payment for IEDNC annual membership fees.

Step 2

Once payment has been processed you will receive a welcome letter from IEDNC along with a link to set up your password for access to member only area of IEDNC website. You are now free to participate in the associated member benefits as so described. Congratulations!

Step 3

Member Certificate available for download upon registration.


Membership Fee:


Membership Period:

One Year; Aug 1st to July 31st each year.

Membership Renewal Frequency:

Membership is renewed once a year in the month of July; July 1st – July 31st


IEDNC is open for Membership throughout the year with no change in the membership fee cost.

All fees will be paid to Internationally Educated Dietitians Network Canada (IEDNC)

Administrative Fee:

Declined Payment Fee: $45.00

Cancellation Fee: $50.00

*New members only. Must be canceled within 4 weeks of joining.

Membership Dates 2021:

1 Jul to 31 Jul Member Renewal Period

31 Jul, Membership year ends. IEDNC is open for Membership throughout the year with no change in the membership fee cost.