Internationally Educated Dietitians Network of Canada (IEDNC) is an organization of Internationally Trained Dietitians, Registered Dietitians, Dietitian students in Canada, and abroad.

According to The International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA), Dietitian-Nutritionist is a “A professional who applies the science of food and nutrition to promote health, prevent and treat disease to optimize the health of individuals, groups, communities, and populations.” The nationally recognized Professional titles in various countries are “dietitian” or “Nutritionist” but in Canada, the title is “ Registered Dietitian” which is regulated. IEDNC was established to help meet the needs of internationally trained dietitians transitioning to Canada and who are already in Canada to pursue a career in Dietetics. We provide education, mentorship, support, network and guidance through the registration process.


We EDUCATE: successfully, engage, mentor and empower Internationally Trained Dietitians in Canada AND Dietetic Interns on their desired Canadian career path

We ENHANCE learning with our evidenced and researched based continuing education programs

We ENCOURAGE collaboration among Internationally Trained Dietitians AND Dietetic Interns resulting in a rewarding career journey and confidence in achieving desired professional goals.

We EMBRACE diversity, recognizing and appreciating the place of culture in enhancing one’s professional career path


Collaborating with Internationally Trained Dietitians in providing mentorship and support, which will enable Internationally Trained aspiring dietitians as well as Registered Dietitians to be well-positioned to have meaningful career paths in Canada. This is to be achieved through education and establishing credible partnerships through a strong dietitian network.