Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, depending in which province you reside. A Dietitian is a regulated profession and the title Dietitian is protected by law in all provinces across Canada. However the title “Nutritionist” is protected by law in only 5 provinces in Canada; Alberta, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova scotia, Prince Edward Islands.

IEDNC is not a dietetic regulatory body in Canada and does not act on its behalf either. Like other health professionals, dietitians must register with the provincial regulatory body in their province in order to practice. The regulatory body will assess your academic and practicum experience to determine your eligibility.

This organization may help international dietitians to pave their way of becoming registered dietitians in Canada by helping them become familiar with Canadian food regulations and foods, workplaces, and careers while providing online courses for continuing education. With an ample amount of resources, IE Dietitians Network of Canada is a one-stop shop for the needs of internationally educated Dietitians.

To acquire knowledge of dietetics with a national standard of competence,

To keep oneself updated with continuing education through evidence-based studies, webinars, articles etc.,

Obtain volunteer opportunities to gain Canadian workplace experience.

It takes approximately 2-5 business days to process the membership application. To inquire about the delays, you can write us at info@iednc.ca

IEDNC membership renews annually, from August of each year to July of the following year. Renewal is required to remain an active member. However, to be eligible for renewal, members must collect continuing education points throughout the year.

IE Dietitians Network of Canada members need to collect a certain number of continuing education points in order to be eligible for renewal each year. Continuing education points can be collected by attending webinars and completing quizzes based on short articles throughout the year.

The IE Dietitians Network of Canada membership year runs from August to July.

Members can cancel membership without penalty within 4 weeks of joining. The cancellation Fee after 4 weeks of joining is $50.

Once the application form is submitted and membership is approved, the member will receive a certificate as proof of membership.

This tab will provide information about the work-related duties of Nutrition Managers and Food Service Supervisors. This will consist of details such as the food service companies who work with long term care homes, how they are serving long term care homes, and much more.

Courses offered by IE Dietitians Network of Canada are not a substitute of university or college level courses, and do not provide a diploma or degree upon completion of courses. Courses offered by IE Dietitians Network of Canada are only study aids to enhance one’s own learning, and do not meet the academic requirements to acquire the title of Registered Dietitian.

No, IE Dietitians Network of Canada does not advise or assist with any travel arrangements or immigration to Canada. Membership with IEDNC does not constitute any kind of immigration status.

This tab will provide answers to the most common questions related to foods through evidence-based information. In this era of social media, non-evidence based information circulates everywhere; as a health professional, it’s very important to provide and rely on evidence based information only.

Members of IE Dietitians Network of Canada will get various volunteer opportunities, catered to different aspects of work.

Visit the Career maps tabs on the IE Dietitians Network of Canada website to access valuable information about a number of other survival jobs that can also allow you to gain experience in the relevant field.

As a Registered Dietitian in Canada, becoming a member of IEDNC can be very beneficial as it provides access to further learning and working opportunities to gain additional experience in your career.

a. Professional Practice
b. Communication and Collaboration
c. Nutrition Care
d. Population and Public Health
e. Management
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Members seeking to pursue dietetic registration in any province will be directed to the general information provided to international applicants as well. Such resources are available on the provincial regulatory body website in our resources tab.

Only dieticians and doctors can become a member of the IE Dietitians Network of Canada. Membership is not available for other health professionals.

Yes, BY-LAW NO. 5 College of Dietitians of Ontario, Registered Dietitians engaging in the practice of Dietetics should have Professional Liability Insurance Coverage with following Characteristics:

a. The minimum coverage shall be no less than $2,000,000 per occurrence.

b. The aggregate coverage shall be no less than $5,000,000.

c. The deductible shall be no more than $1,000.

Source: https://www.collegeofdietitians.org/members/maintaining-your-membership/liability-insurance.aspx

Different provinces in Canada may have different protected titles and initials through provincial regulation.

Province Protected Titles and Initials through Provincial Regulation *
British Columbia Registered Dietitian, Dietitian, RD
Alberta  Registered Dietitian, Dietitian, Registered Nutritionist, Nutritionist, RD, Dietetic Intern and Provisional Dietitian 
Saskatchewan Registered Dietitian, Dietitian, Professional Dietitian, RD, P.Dt
Manitoba Registered Dietitian, Dietitian, RD
Ontario Registered Dietitian, Dietitian, RD
(en français) diététiste professionel(le), Dt.P
Quebec Dietitian, Nutritionist, Dietician, RD, P.Dt
(en français) diététiste, nutritionniste, diététicien,  Dt.P 
New Brunswick Dietitian, Dietician, Professional Dietitian, Registered Dietitian – Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, P.Dt., R.D.,  RDN
(en français) diététiste, diététicienne, diététiste ou
diététicienne professionnelle, diététiste-nutritionniste, diététicienne-nutritionniste immatriculée, diététiste ou diététicienne immatriculée, Dt.P., Dt.I, Dt.N.I
Nova Scotia Dietitian, Nutritionist, P.Dt
Prince Edward Island Registered Dietitian, RD
Newfoundland and Labrador Registered Dietitian, Dietitian, RD
Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut Dietitians who live/work in the Territories are required to join a provincial regulatory body.


Source: https://www.dietitians.ca/About/Learn-About-Dietitians/The-difference-between-a-dietitian-and-nutritionist

Yes. Minimum required language proficiency scores for registering to practice dietetics in Ontario is as follows:

  TOEFL Internet (iBT) IELTS
TOTAL 80 6.5
Listening 15 6
Writing 13 5
Reading 15 6
Speaking 26 8


 Source: https://www.collegeofdietitians.org/applicants/registration-requirements/language-proficiency.aspx 

Registration Requirements for College of Dietitians of Ontario are:

  1. Academic Preparation from an accredited Canadian university program in foods & nutrition, or equivalent.
  2. Practical Training in an accredited practical program in Canada, or equivalent.
  3. Language Proficiency in English or French.
  4. Record of Ethical and Competent Practice.
  5. History Good Conduct.
  6. Current Dietetic Knowledge and Competence.
  7. Eligible to Work in Canada.
  8. Pass the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (Registration Exam).

Source: https://www.collegeofdietitians.org/applicants/registration-requirements.aspx 

No, the titles are not the same as Registered Dietitian and do not indicate that the person is a provincially regulated health professional. They are often used by those who have completed privately owned training programs that vary in length and rigor.

Source: https://www.dietitians.ca/About/Learn-About-Dietitians/The-difference-between-a-dietitian-and-nutritionist