Working with Canadian Registered Dietitians in Nutritionwize Consulting Services for the past several years has really brought to light the challenges Internationally Educated Dietitians face in Canada. Internationally Educated Dietitians in Canada are facing a lot of challenges such as language, communication, and familiarity with the Canadian workplace culture as they strive to obtain their license.

Research also shows that in the first four years after their arrival in Canada, the majority of immigrants still work in jobs that are not related to either their education or the jobs they had in their homeland. They experience high rates of underemployment and unemployment in Canada. Another challenge that Internationally Trained Dietitians are facing is not being familiar with the regulated professional in Canada and this can cause difficulties for them to adapt to new regulations and learn about legislation. Registration includes working within a recognized code of ethics, practice, and/or conduct.

Also, in Canada, Dietitians root their practice on evidence and knowledge, which may not be the same in other countries. In fact, the practice can be different in each country and to be able to practice in Canada, and Internationally Trained dietitians must comply with the CDO regulations and legislation. They cannot understand the five main areas of Competencies and Performance Indicators.

The time has finally come to bridge the gap and help Internationally Educated Dietitians to feel supported, engaged and empowered. We are compassionate about your struggles and want to support you through it. We are launching Internationally Educated Dietitians Network of Canada. On behalf of the board of directors (Manmeet Kaur Behl, RD), I would recommend you to join and familiarize yourself with the Canadian work environment and take another step forward in achieving your goals.

Best wishes!


Guru Sehgal

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)